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Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Autocad Beginner's Guide

Autocad Beginner's Guide:-

Here you can learn how to use some of the Basic tools operations nowadays in Autocad.

Here you can go with this if you Are a Beginner or using after a long time to refresh your skills.
Happy learning.

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1.Starting-Up the Autocad:-

2.Selection Of planes:-

 3.Drawing A Rectangle:-

4.Dimensioning the Rectangle:-

5.Creating a Polyline:-


7.Using A Fillet:-

8.Using A chamfer:-

9.Performing A Fillet command:-

10.this is how the object looks like after filleting:-

11.Save a Design in Autocad:-

12.How to deal with Multiple design at a time:-

13.Properties Pallete:-

14.Arc Construction:-

15.Circle construction:-

16.Line Construction:-

17.Some constructed Geometries:-

18.Offset Command:-

19.Performming Offset:-

20.Offseted Objects:-

21.Dealing with Various Workspaces:-


23.Create a Block:-

24.Surface Extrude(converting a surface to 3D ):-

25.Process of Extrude:-

26.Shaded view of extruded surface:-

27.Extruding a solid body:-

28.Process of solid Extrusion:-

29.Extruded circle shaded view:-


31.Performing a sweep:-

32.The Sweeped object:-



35.Performing Revolve command Problem:-

36.Solving the Revolve problem:-

37.Copy Command:-

38.Performing the copy problem:-

39.Solving Copy problem:-

40.Move command:-

41.Move command performing:-

42.Undo Command:(CTRL+Z):-

43.Redo Command:(CTRL+Y):-

44.Mirror Command:-

45.Mirror command Example:-

46.Array Command:-

47.Path array:-

48.Publishing to Pdf:-

49.The shared PDF:-

50.Starting a new component again:-

©Mukesh Chandra joshi

Stay Tuned 
Happy Learning.


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  2. Such a really very Nice Information about Cad & I Bookmarked Your Website for New Updates and Share also.

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