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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Autocad Design Basics , Commands , Worksheet , Description

Autocad Design Basics , Commands , Worksheet , Description :-

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Autocad is the very importent tool of design and drawings, the Autocad software is a command based software almost every tool of Autocad is based on the various commands, although it also works with the clicks or curser but it is also quite easy.

To Download Autocad Click Here
or else you can go to the web

Commands :- 

Here i am basically concern with all the commands which is used in the Autocad.           
Tere are certain types of commands such as :-

1.  Block command
2. Comman command
3. Control keys
4. Dimensioning
5. Creating object
6. External Referance (x-Ref)
7. Formatting
8. Function Keys
9. Inquiry
10. Layers
11. Modifying Object
12. Object Selection
13. Object Snap (osnap)
14. Text
15. 3D
16. UCS

17. Viewports

To Download The Full Commands List Click Here.
Go to the WEB.-

To Download the Full Worksheet Click Here.
Go to the WEB.-

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