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Tuesday, April 28, 2020



Types Of Lathes | Smithy - Detroit Machine Tools
Types of Lathe

The Lathe Machine can be classified in many types according to there working principle, there working material and also according to the operation performed by them. 
For industrial purpose mainly the metal working & Woodworking Lathe are used.

There are several types of Lathe which is differentiate according to the different-different work done by the Lathes.

such types of the Lathe machine are as follows :-

1. Woodworking Lathe
2. Duplicating Lathe
3. Pattern-makers Lathe 
4. Metal-working Lathe
5. Cue Lathe
6. Glass working Lathe
7. Metal-spinning Lathe
8. Ornamental Turning Lathe
9. Reducing Lathe
10. Rotary Lathe
11. Watch-makers Lathe
12. Transcription/ Recording Lathe 


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