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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Rules To draw Project Network (CPM)

Rules To draw Project Network (CPM) :-

There are some rules which are must to be apply while making a project network , such as :-

RULE 1. There should be a single arrow for every activity.

RULE 2. Every activity should have start & end node.

RULE 3. Project should flow in one direction only.

RULE 4. Project should have only one start & finish node.

RULE 5.Two activities should not have common start & end node.

RULE 6. There should be no looping allowed in the network.

RULE 7. There should e no dangling in the network.

RULE 8. Fulkerson's Rule:-
According to the Fulkerson's rule there should be number of "head Node" is higher then "Tail Node".

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