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Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Simply supported beam Static Structure (Ansys)

Simply supported beam Static Structure  (Ansys):-

There are some steps which needed to be follow to perform this project :-

Step 1. Start a Static structure.

Starting the project

Step 2. Select any material if needed structural steel is default.
select required material

Step 3. Return to project after selecting material.
return to project

Step 4. Importing the Geometry, or else you can make here in design moduler. (here i am importing a part which is designed in the solidworks.

Importing geometry 1

importing geometry 2

importing geometry 3

importing geometry 4

Step 5. Go to the model w/p now.
model w/p

Step 6. Masshing the object.

mashing of object

Step 7. Giving the intitial condition

(a) Fixed support
(b) Force/ load

Step 8. Needed solution or feature to solve.(after giving the needed solution click the solve button).

required solution ( total deformation )

For the full tutorial you can go through this video :-

For the report of this Experiment you can go here ;

or else you can download it by going to this
web. -.


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