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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Stepping Stone Method (Transportation Problem)

Stepping Stone Method (Transportation Problem) :-

This method is used for the 2nd phase of the solution, i.e. finding optimization for the transportation problem.

Algorithm For solving (optimizing) the Transportation problem with Stepping Stone method:-

STEP 1. Check the effect of One unit.

STEP 2. Check For all the Allocated cells.

STEP 3. Draw the every possible loops for every Unallocated  cells.

STEP 4. Draw path and give alternative +ve & -ve starting from the +ve to the unallocated cell.

STEP 5. Take turn only at the Allocated cells .

STEP 6. Take the minimum -ve among all loops for minimization problem & maximum +ve for maximization problem.

STEP 7. Subtract the minimum value from the -ve signed cells, & Add the minimum value to the +ve signed cells.

For more information and numerical practice you can download the Handout by clicking Here.
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