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Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Transhipment Problem (Transportation Problem)

Transhipment Problem (Transportation Problem) :-

Transhipment problem is one of the model which comes under the Transportation Problem.

Types Of Transportation Problem :-

(1) With sources & Destinations Acting as Transient (intermediary) Node.
(2) With some Transient Nodes Between Sources & Destination.

Difference between Transportation and Transhipment :-
In Transportation the Shipment will moves direct from one to another Destination. Whereas in Transhipment The shipment will pass through one or more Transient (Intermediary) Nodes.

Algorithm To solve Transhipment Problem :- 

STEP 1. Check whether it is balanced or unbalanced .
B= Demand = Supply

STEP 2. Add the value of B to all the row & columns.

STEP 3. Find total Transportation Cost by Using "Vogal's Approximation method".

STEP 4. Draw the shipping pattern.

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