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Wednesday, May 6, 2020




It is a special type of Linear Programming Problem in which Goods are transported from a set of sources to a set of destinations, subject to the supply and demand of the source and destination, Respectively, such that he total cost of the Transportation is minimized.


1. Balanced Transportation problem:- A Transportation problem in which the Demand is equals to the Supply is known as the Balanced Transportation Problem. (S=D)

2. Unbalanced Transportation Problem :- A Transportation Problem in which Demand & the Supply are Not equal to each other. there may be less demand high supply or high demand less supply, is known as a Unbalanced Transportation Problem. (S>D , S<D).

Phases to Solve a Transportation problem :-

Phase 1. Finding the initial basic Feasible solution.

Phase 2. Finding the optimized solution or optimization.

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