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Saturday, June 6, 2020

Deformation Test for Double Spring Assembly (Model/ANSYS)

Deformation Test for Double Spring Assembly (Model/ANSYS):-

Step 1. Starting a new project:-

Start a new project
Start a new project

Start a new project
Step 4. Importing the object. (you can either import or you may can design using design moduler here):-

the imported object

Step 5. Mashing the Object:-

Mashing of object

The mashed Object

step 6. Giving the required information which needed to solve the problem:-

A Fixed support

Step 7. Giving the Solution which required to be calculated:- in this step we need to give 6 modes for the 6 deformations.

Deformation to be solved 

Giving Mode 1 for the deformation 1

Giving the deformation to be calculated

➤Continue the process until you give all the six mode values.

step 8. solving the project.

Step 9. getting the solution from the reports.

Solution 1 (first deformation)

Solution 2 (Second Deformation)

Solution 3 (Third Deformation)

Solution 4 (Fourth Deformation)

Solution 5 (Fifth Deformation)

Solution 6 (Sixth Deformation)

For more understanding you can go through This video :-

You can download the report of the project by Clicking Here. 
you can go to the 

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