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Sunday, June 7, 2020

Deformation Test For Triple Spring System Analysis (Model/Ansys)

Deformation Test For Triple Spring System Analysis (Model/Ansys) :-

Step 1. Starting a new project

Starting the project

Step 2. Importing the object. (you can either import or you may can design using design moduler here). :- in the video i've used the process of design-moduler.

Importing the object

The imported object

Step 3. Mashing the Object.

Generating the mash

The mashed object

Step 4. Giving the required information which needed to solve the problem.

Fixed support

Fixed support process

Step 5. Giving the Solution which required to be calculated.

The required Deformation

Giving the Mode information

Similarly like above give the deformations for the rest of 5 modes

Step 6. solving the project.

Step 7. getting the solution from the reports.

Solution (Deformation 1)

Solution (Deformation 2)

Solution (Deformation 3)

Solution (Deformation 4)

Solution (Deformation 5)

Solution (Deformation 6)

For more understanding you can go through This video :-

You can download the report of the project by clicking Here. 
you can go to the 

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