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Tuesday, March 16, 2021

Almora Magnesite Limited

 Almora Magnesite Limited :-


Historic Prospectus :-

Almora Magnesite Limited was established on 5th June 1972. It's inauguration was done by Kamlapati Tripathi who was the chief minister of  U.P. at that time. The department of the geological survey of India explored the Magnesite deposits in Himalayan Hills in 1969 and informed the U.P. government of the same. As Magnesite Mines are owned by the respective states governments. The U.P. government granted mining lease to its own undertaking UPSIDC  to exploit the mineral UPSIDC collected  some samples from the Magnesite deposits and tested it in TATA Refractory Ltd. , Sambalpur , Orissa to determine the commercial viability of the deposits. When a positive result was obtained from TRL , it decided to promote a new company.  For easy accomplishment of the project and to obtain appropriate technology, it decide to include TRL also in the Project. Hence both these two companies promoted  Almora Magnesite Ltd. in 1971. Immediate steps were taken to mine the deposit and the raw magnesite production began in 1972.

View From Front ;

Almora Magnesite Limited : Home

View From Some Distance;

Almora Magnesite Limited : About Us

Close View Of Mine ;

Almora Magnesite Limited : About Us

Far View Of Mine ;

Image result for almora magnesite limited google maps

Location :-

The Alomra Magnesite Limited Factory is situated at a distance of  Approximately 44 K.M. from Almora Market and Approximately 32 K.M. from Bageshwar Market.

The ALmora Magnesite Mine are 7 K.M. far away from the Factory office.

The Plant Location and the Mine location  :-

The Mine Location :-

The Plant Location :-

Procedure Of Working :-

In the procedure first of all the Magnesium Carbonate (Mgco3) is extracted from the mines, After the extraction it is shipped to the working site ( Alomra Magnesite limited , factory where the production is to be processed ). After shipping the raw material is gone through various processes firstly it is gone in the Furnace where the it is heat treated at 1000-1600 Degree centigrade , after that it is gone through cooling zone at the temperature of 200-600 Degree centigrade, then the Magnesium oxide ( MgO) means Magnesite is formed then this is collected and shipped to different places according to demand.

                  MgCO3 ---------------------> MgO  + CO2

The working procedure is attached with this also :--


Some Quality Products :-

  • Product 1.


  • Product 2.

              Image result for products of almora magnesite limited images

  • Product 3.
             Image result for products of almora magnesite limited images

  • Product 4.

            Image result for products of almora magnesite limited images

Thanks & Regards 
Mukesh Chandra joshi
Mechanical Engineer
Former Intern at Almora Magnesite Limited.

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