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Friday, March 19, 2021

CNC Machining Tutorial-5 (DRILLING)

 CNC Machining Tutorial-5 (DRILLING):-

Before starting this Tutorial let's first discuss about some different terms and conditions for a drill program or drilling operation.

1. Spindle rotation should be Counter-Clock-Wise always.(M04)

2. R-- Retration ( the length by which the tool goes back after a step of drilling)

3. Q-- Ease of Cut ( usually in microns)

4. Drill Cycle -- G74

Problem: we have to work on cylindrical block of 200mm length and 80mm diameter to make the workpiece like as shown in the image:- 

Image of the Drawing that we have to make (Drawing with AutoCAD 2017)

Mathematical Calculation & Assuming values:-

Q= 5000 microns = 5mm
R= 1mm
Size of tool ( Diameter=10mm)

No. of steps = length/ease of cut = 80/5= 16

Hence it will cut/drill the workpiece in 16 steps & after every step it will go back by 1mm.

Image of the workpiece designed with solid works

Solution:- The Code and the machined workpiece is :--



The Machined Workpiece:-

Machined Workpiece  ( Machined with SSCNC Fanuc-oit)

NOTE :- The Software used for the operation is SSCNC (Fanuc-oit)

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